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So, your ‘plus sized’ and pregnant – now what?


The negative connotation behind being plus sized alone is SO huge (no pun intended), add in a pregnancy, or labour/delivery to that and it almost makes you feel as if you’ve done something wrong, or that somehow that person is less able because of an ‘above average BMI’.



Being plus sized isn’t a condition that needs to be monitored or handled in any way.



It is 100% possible for a plus sized body to conceive, carry, deliver and nurture a healthy, thriving baby. Truly. Without medical intervention or any kind of aid.


Your weight does NOT define your ability. Read that again; and now remember that.

Plus Sized Pregnant Belly


Having a doula’s support will help you see past the negativity associated with being plus sized and pregnant.


Together we can expand your knowledge, help you learn to trust your intuition; to help you advocate for yourself, to question everything, to say no – or to vocalize a need that isn’t being met. We can provide clarity when it comes to terms and statistics with love, understanding and compassion.


Most importantly though, we will stand tall with you and for you, to hold the space you require through your pregnancy, labour/delivery and postpartum period; to ensure you are comfortable with YOUR story.

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