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Birth Plan/Labour Prep

With this package we will cover (in two, 1-2 hour meetings)


* Your ideal birth outcome

* What challenges you could face

* How to advocate for yourself

* What to expect once labour begins

* What to watch for

* When to go to the hospital/call the midwife

*Creating your postpartum plan

*Documents to help plan/bring with you to your birth


Birth Support

With this package we will cover

(two or three; 3 hour meetings)


** Birth Plan/Labour Plan**


* Partner Support Strategies

* Pain Management

* Coping Techniques

*Unlimited Support via Text/Call/Email from the time of hire to one month postpartum

* Use of resources from the client lending items; ie: birth ball, peanut ball, tens machine etc

* On call for you from 37 weeks

* Support during labour/delivery

*Latch support

* 2 hours (give or take) immediate post partum support

* Backup doula; should I not be able to attend your birth for whatever reason.

* Photographs of any moments I am able to snap in between support


Postpartum Support

With this package we can plan things like;


 *Basic breastfeeding support

* Light house keeping/errand running, laundry

* Meal prep

* Information and resource guidance


* A postpartum plan allows you to embrace your new journey and focus on healing and bonding with your new little love.


** Discounted rates apply after 8 hrs exceeded.

Overnight Support

This package is fully customizeable


As a doula, and as a mother myself; I know firsthand that lack of sleep is hard.


Lets create a schedule to help you and your family get some rest.

This can also be just hiring a support person to come take care of babe/all of the things overnight so you can just sleep while knowing your little love is safe and cared for.


*Lets chat about what you need.

Financial Restriction should not hinder your ability to access my support. Please reach out. Always. 

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