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My 'why'...

Updated: Feb 23

I’ve often heard “Oh, I didn’t even know that was a thing, how did you find this line of work?”


Well, I guess it boils down to wanting to prevent my story from happening to others. After the birth of my two children, I was left asking myself W.T.F.


Everyone says no birth is the same right? Well – mine were.


WHY? What the fluff!? They are two different children, different dads, 8 years apart and in different cities!


Short form: Two failed Inductions (first was medical fear based, and second was elective because of home stresses that I needed to control), neither were favorable to succeed - that ended with ‘emergency’ sections because of ‘failure to progress’ in less than 24 hours.



Theres so much here that can be talked about, feel free to ask me about it if you want to hear all the details, but for blog posting sake I’ll keep it light. Here’s my cute babies on their birth day.

So, WHY was their story so similar?


Knowledge.  I had none. Zip, zilch, nada. I knew what I saw on TV. Granted I knew more about birth going into the birth of my second, but still not enough to fully understand how birth worked; especially when you just let it.  If I knew half of what I know now, my children would have been born vaginally.

Id be willing to put money on it.


So, my why; to make sure every person I encounter who wants MORE information, has the knowledge they need about birth and the physiology of it to make those monumental life changing decisions about the birth of their child; confidently.

My why is to share my love and understanding of the birth space with every person or family that chooses to have me join along side them on their birth journey; to empower and uplift them into making truly informed decisions for their bodies and their babies.


Of course, I am forever grateful that we are all ok, but being misled into making decisions that weren’t fully disclosed or explained lead to traumas, breastfeeding difficulties and ultimately robbed me of a birthing experience that I could have had if I just knew better.

That’s my why. ♡



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