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"Stephanie was great at being a calming presence at my home water birth and ready to help in whichever ways I needed."

- R


"I just had successful VBA2C with Stephanie. She is the best doula ever. I don't think I could do it by myself. She is very compassionate, understanding, caring and super supportive. She is very informative, always kept in touch and her line is always open. She helped me achieve my dream birth and believed in me before my doctors and i did. I can't recommend her enough. I will definitely use Stephanie again."

- L

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First time parents here and we are so glad we had Steph with us. Our little one decided to start making his entrance into the world not only just over a week early but also in the middle of the night. Steph was right there waiting for us and walked us through all our scary and difficult moments. It was honestly such a blessing having her there and so utterly dedicated to us. We cannot thank her and recommend her enough!

- A

I can't say enough about Stephanie! I would highly recommend her to everyone!! I just had my second VBAC 2 weeks ago with her and my partners help. I had the flu which was miserable and had to be induced at 36 weeks because of cholestasis. Stephanie seemed to read my mind about what I needed. She was bringing me my drinks and applying counter pressure to my back before I even had to ask. I didn't have the most VBAC friendly OB present at my birth but with Stephanie by my side I felt comfortable advocating for myself and my baby. She made sure my partner was eating and drinking and resting too. I honestly don't think I could have done it with out her!! Thank you Stephanie!! 

- C


I really can't say enough good things about Stephanie. I was having an unplanned pregnancy which was mentally very challenging for me. Stephanie was absolutely amazing at checking in with me often, offering help above and beyond what I could even imagine. I didn't ever feel like a client, I felt like I had a good friend of support in my corner. Then comes the day my baby came - Stephanie's support during my labour was outstanding, firstly she showed up with coffee (much needed) but she helped me through every contraction, she helped make sure I was making clear conscious decisions when I had to make tough calls that weren't necessarily part of my birth plan. She advocated for me and with me. She was nothing short of the person you need in the L and D room with you.  If I have more children, she will be my first call. 

- H

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