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About Me

Hi there;


I’m Steph – mom of three rolling through my 30’s (WAY too fast, might I add) with my husband and our lab named Jeter. Most times you’ll find me mom-ing; whether it be running around after the 3-year-old or running around for the 10- and 11-year-olds; annndddd making sure the dog isn’t eating something he shouldn’t be in the midst of it all. Our life is a blur of busy, organized crazy chaos but it’s our beautiful crazy chaos and I wouldn’t change one minute of it. (Except maybe to add one more dog, one day he-he)


When we aren’t in go mode for the house and the day to day, my husband and I like to balance the chaos. We enjoy the mountains (nothing beats that first inhaling of the fresh mountain air), travelling; when we are able, and every possible concert we can cram into our lives.         


Fun fact: we have travelled over 4000 kilometers to see Chris Stapleton in concert.


In between being a mom, a wife, and your doula – I am also employed full time Monday – Friday. Don’t worry – I have the flexibility to support my current and future clients in all their needs. This pays the bills, Birth Work is where my heart lies, keeping my full-time employment allows me to have flexibility with my rates and with the way of the world right now – I think that’s important.


I’m a Taurus, so characteristically I am stubborn, strong, and resilient.  When it comes to those that I choose to allow ‘in’ – I love and protect fiercely: to a fault, sometimes. My deepest core value is honesty; I believe that anything is figure-out-able if the whole story is present. Good, bad and anything in between. These character traits have come to serve me well in supporting my clients.


My biggest fear would have to be wasps; irrationally so. Its my fear, and it even drives me crazy sometimes. So, if you’re planning an outdoor birth at the end of summer, I might not be your perfect match. Id most definitely lose my composure should one decide to grace us with its presence. My husband LOVES it (HA!)


My dream finally came to fruition after the birth of our daughter, in 2020. Being a plus sized woman, add in a previous c-section, controlled high blood pressure – I had no idea that so many of these things would stack against my odds of being able to achieve a vaginal birth. My OB was great, hands down the best doctor I’ve ever had, all for my TOLAC (trial of labour after c-section); but my naivety  ultimately led me to a second unplanned c-section. We can talk about this if you wish – I don’t mind sharing my story, but I won’t go too far in to detail here. This is what led me to doula work. I needed to follow my calling; to ensure every soon to be parent, seasoned parent, mom, dad – you name it, has the tools they need to achieve the birth that they were in control of.



Birth Plan/Labour Prep

If you are looking just to recieve prenatal care as far as preparation for labour/delivery we can work together to customize a package designed for you.

Birth Support

Unlimited call, text and email support. Support during labour and delivery. Immediate postpartum support to follow.

Postpartum Support

We can work together to customize the perfect care plan for you. Things like; breastfeeding support, light house keeping/errand running, laundry, meal prep, information and resource guidance; to allow you to embrace your new journey and focus on healing and bonding with your new little love.

Overnight Support

As a doula, and as a mother myself; I know firsthand that lack of sleep is hard. Lets create a schedule to help you and your family get some rest.


Client Love

"Stephanie was great at being a calming presence at my home water birth and ready to help in whichever ways I needed."
- R

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